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Company Formations Made Easy In Europe.

We Can Help To Incorporate Any Business Within UK, Cyprus And Other Popular Countries.

Simple, Secure & Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Company Incorporation

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Director Services

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IBAN Business Accounts

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Corporate Trading Offices

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We'll guide you through every step of the way and offer you
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UK Company Formation and Registration


Our company incorporation service ensures all local statutory regulations and if required Visa & MasterCard Location Rules associated with e-commerce trading are covered.
We provide a professional package that allows you to structure the company with a residential director and incorporate the company quickly and with utmost confidence. We will provide the certificate of incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association and Share Register & Certificates as a minimum alongside giving you professional support throughout the incorporation process.
You may be concerned if you are not a European resident and want to set up a UK business. This is possible done remotely with ease if you decide to move forward with us.

We will take care of everything and hold your hand throughout the process.

EEA Registered Virtual IBAN UK


Once we have all required the compliance documents, our team will apply for an IBAN Business Bank on your behalf through one of our partner banks.
This process is normally very simple and quick with you receiving a Welcome Letter and access to your account back office.

Trading Offices Service UK


EMS specialise in the short-term leasing of trading offices with mail forwarding as required. All tenants benefit from a unique local business Compliance rules, we’re able to provide a high-level service to Acquiring Banks implementing e-commerce payment solutions across Europe.

We have serviced trading offices available in various location across the UK & Europe. All tenants benefit from a unique local business telephone number, which will be answered in your company’s name, with calls routed according to your requirements.

All tenancy licence agreements are issued on a one year rolling contract with a break clause.