European IBAN Business Bank Accounts

Open a dedicated European Multi-Currency IBAN account.

Applying for a traditional bank account might be very difficult, time consuming and not successful if you are from overseas or trade on-line in high risk sectors.
Instead, we refer your business to an IBAN Business Account provider which is fully regulated as a licensed Electronic Money Institution (EMI), they will quickly process your application.
They will provide you with a dedicated back office with SEPA & Swift transactions available.

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"I have been using EMS for more than two years. I have completed transactions from my bank account to several wallets and back. Everything is satisfactory and in record time. Good exchange rate."

Michiel Bosman

"EMS recommended me an IBAN Business Bank Account where I keep my money save. When I need to withdraw, a transaction to another bank in the EU normally takes less than 20 minutes."

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Amelia Mathews

"I love the banking platform supplied to me through EMS. The simplicity, especially with the SEPA & Swift payment methods is fantastic. I live in the USA, needed an European solution and there is nothing like EMS."

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Charlie Walker
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Security that never sleeps?

The back office and all user operations are secured by a username, password and with two-factor authentication as a minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. This bank account number is used to make and receive payments on a global scale.

Creating a virtual IBAN account can provide users with a convenient way to access international transactions without investing large amounts of time.

These international money-transfer accounts can serve the purposes of many businesses that engage in commerce with countries from outside their borders. 

In a world that’s becoming more inclusive of financial opportunities from all over the world, expanding businesses need a way to keep up with the demand of global commerce.

Opening a virtual IBAN account is a great way to serve these demands.

Your Virtual IBAN Account or International Bank Account Number is your bank account number in an internationally recognized format consisting of 34 alphanumeric characters.

Anatomy of an IBAN

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Using an IBAN with your Bank Identifier Code (BIC) helps international payments to be processed quickly and securely. It also prevents payments from being rejected, delayed in account posting processes, or misapplied, any
of which may incur additional charges.

Making Payments
When you send payments to countries that have adopted the use of the IBAN, you must quote the beneficiary's IBAN and BIC. You do not need to provide any additional information such as bank names, addresses or account numbers, as this can cause problems and delay payment.
Receiving Payments
Equally, if you receive funds into your account from businesses within IBAN-compliant countries, you must provide
the payer with your IBAN and your BIC only.
Internal Transfers
You can send funds from one account to another. Such internal transfers may be made to any IBAN account in any currency, allowing business clients to streamline payments, cut transaction costs and disburse funds efficiently.

  • Less expensive than a normal bank account. Traditional banks typically charge a transaction fee for each international wire. This is eliminated with a virtual IBAN.
  • Each customer can be assigned a unique IBAN account. This allows for efficient organization.
  • Every process of a virtual IBAN can be automated. The deposit, transfers, and settlements can all be automated. This saves business owners substantial amounts of precious time.
  • Accounts and transfers can be funded with multiple currencies. 
  • Virtual IBAN accounts eliminate the need to set up multiple bank accounts in different regions and countries. 
  • Any business seeking to open an IBAN account must first establish a collection account. This is the account that all secondary and customer accounts will be routed to. The collection account can be considered a master account.
  • After establishing the collection account, make a list of each customer you’ll need to open an IBAN account for. 
  • Submit a request for each IBAN account you’ll need with all the relevant details. 
  • Decide what type of payment processing works for you. There are different speeds and methods available, depending on what works best for your company.

The fees associated with your IBAN vary according to a number of factors including your product sector, associated
AML (Anti-Money Laundering) risks, and bank service charges. There are transaction charges normally based upon
a percentage of settlement and remittance values, these charges are governed by the solution providers risk and
compliance appetite

The International Bank Account Number is a numbering system that allows identifying the beneficiary when it comes to cross-border and international money transfers. It is utilized within the Europe and by other countries. The length of an IBAN differs, but it can’t contain more than 34 characters. The number contains an ISO code of the country, the check digits, a bank code, a branch/settle code (not always), and an account number. Thus, the characters in your IBAN are generated depending on the indicators listed above. Some websites offer to generate your IBAN based on your country, bank code, and account number. With Genome, you can always look up your IBAN – log in, and check out the account details on the dashboard.

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It depends on the type of transfer you make. For instance, both SEPA and SWIFT payments require an IBAN or an account number (in case of SWIFT transfers), a BIC code, and the beneficiary’s name. The instant internal transfers also require you to enter the beneficiary's IBAN or their email/phone/account ID. Find out about sending and receiving money on Genome’s money transfers page.
As was mentioned above, the IBAN consists of many different indicators, one of which is the account number. The account number (usually 10 to 12 characters) is shorter than the IBAN. Another point of differentiation is that the IBAN starts with two letters, that represent the ISO code of the country.

One Account - Lots Of Possibilities

Issued in the United Kingdom, a virtual bank account is a trusted instrument for your business or daily expenses. Benefit from multi-currency IBAN accounts for the collection and processing of International (Swift) and SEPA transfers.

EMS Back Office Banking

Open an European Registered IBAN Business Bank Account

Our IBAN Business Bank Account opening service ensures all the rules and regulations associated with trading cross-borders are covered. We provide a professional and personal package that allows you to open an account quickly and with confidence.

You might feel intimidated, if you are a non-UK resident and you want to set up a bank account. It can seem daunting to do this from so far away, but it is possible to do this remotely if you choose us as your service provider we will hold your hand throughout the process.